Real Estate

Paramount Property Real Estate offers a dynamic and diverse range of services to their clients. Having excellent resources and connections in the real estate industry can mean everything from knowing the right home inspector or handyman to having the best mortgage professional on speed dial. Our seasoned Realtors can assist you in finding the perfect home, business, or investment property.

Choosing a qualified and experienced real estate agent can mean all the difference in your real estate experience and the success of your transaction. We listen to your wants and needs, and can match you with the property you are looking for. It is incredibly important to have a seasoned Realtor who is organized and knows the pulse of the market, and pays attention to detail.

Our Realtors, Marie, Chris, and Peter are successful seasoned Agents that work as a team to ensure that the process goes smoothly. We can assist our clients with contracts, negotiations, inspections, loan applications, disclosures and appraisals. Our key element is keeping the client well informed during the process. Communication during the transaction is extremely important for both the Realtor and the client.

When you list your property with Paramount Properties, you will experience the very best service the real estate industry has to offer. Our Agents are equipped with both the knowledge, tools and support required to market your property for a quick, efficient sale.


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