• Broken Water Lines

• Flooding

​​​• Extended Power Outage (after contacting PG&E)

• Fire (after contacting the fire department)

• Broken Door or Lock You Cannot Secure

• Gas Leak or Broken Gas Line (after contacting PG&E)

For any urgent maintenance concerns during our Non-Business Hours, outside of a fire or police emergency,  please call (831) 372-6050 and follow the prompt to be connected to the afterhours on-call team.

What is Not Considered a Maintenance Emergency?

When an issue does not pose an immediate threat to health, safety, or property, it is not an emergency. That said, these items below should still be reported as a maintenance request during normal business hours. Here are some examples below:

​​• Burnt Out Lightbulbs or Fixture

• Appliance Malfunction

• No Hot Water

• Ice Maker is Broken

Have a maintenance request?

Sign in to submit your online maintenance request. Please remember to include as much detail as possible and a picture of what the issue is, if applicable. Contact our office to have step-by-step instructions sent to you on how to submit your online maintenance request. 

Noise Complaints

• Parking Disputes

• Minor Leaks

• Sewer Back-up and Flood

• Electrical Issues (after contacting PG&E)

• Water Emergencies

• Leaking Roof

Carbon Monoxide Detection (after contacting PG&E)

• Intruder Break-in (after contacting the police department)


What is a maintenance emergency?

A good rule of thumb is to remember that any maintenance issue that could potentially cause injury, serious property damage, or a threat to health and safety is considered an emergency. Contact our office as soon as possible if you have an emergency. Some examples of these maintenance concerns include:

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