Our property manager will meet you at the property entrance. They follow all safety guidelines, so they will be wearing a face mask, gloves, provide hand sanitizer, and maintain a safe social distance.

• No minors are permitted inside the rental. 

• Everyone must wear a face mask, or proper face covering to enter. 

• Must follow all CDC safety rules. 

• Do not park in tenant parking spaces or driveways. Must park on the street. 

• Do not obstruct any vehicles. 

Contact our office ahead of time if you are running late. 


Application Process

Contact Us: 

We will contact you once our property managers have set up a date and time for a property showing, and at this time they will email you the waiver form that you and any other adults are required to electronically sign.

If you have not received the waiver form, make sure to contact our office at least an hour before your scheduled showing. Again, no signed waiver, no entrance to the property. 

Final Outcome:

Once you have attended a property showing, you will need to submit applications for every adult (person 18 years or older) living in the property, if you haven't done so already.  When every adult has applied, you can then contact our office, by phone or email, to let us know that you want us to process your applications

• Every adult needs to apply regardless of credit, income, employment, and/or tenant history status. 

• If you do not contact our office, we will not process your applications.

​• If every adult has not applied, we will not process your applications. We cannot hold the property for you. 

• If we begin processing your applications, we cannot refund the fee amount no matter the outcome. 

• If you applied before viewing the property and changed your mind after viewing it, let us know that you want your applications canceled. No application fee is charged if your information is not processed. 

Once we have an answer regarding your applications, we will contact you to let you know whether or not you have been approved. ​

The application process can take up to 48 hours. We will be verifying all the information provided on your applications. It does help if you inform your employer, current and previous landlords that they will be contacted by Paramount Properties. 

• We will verify each applicant's credit, income, employment, and tenancy history. 

• Your approval will be determined by the application information you provide. ​​​​​​

Waiver Form: 



After reviewing our Available Rentals, if you are interested in one or more of our rentals you can contact our office to check in on the availability of the rental(s). We will then proceed to note down your information, so we can contact you for a showing. This can be done through email or over the phone. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will need an email address in order to email you a waiver form for you to DocuSign (electronic signature), once there's a showing date and time. It is required of every adult who will attend a showing to sign this waiver form. No entry allowed without a signed waiver form. No minors allowed to enter the property for showing.

Found a Rental that interests you? Learn how to apply with us.  


Once we've noted down your information, we do suggest that you submit all your applications in order to have a better opportunity of having them processed. 

• Aim to submit all your applications 1-2 weeks prior to the Showing date. Outdated applications will not be processed. 

• We do not process the application(s) or charge the $30 per application fee until you have attended a showing, and contacted us to authorize the process of your information. 

• Every adult (person 18 years or older) needs to apply individually regardless of credit, income, employment, and tenant history status. 

• The $30 per application fee applies to the verification of credit, income, employment, and tenant history. 

• All applications can only be found in our website (no paper applications are given or accepted).