Qualified Tenants

Please​ know that the COVID-19 emergency DOES NOT EXCUSE your duty to pay your rent. Here are our guidelines for how we will work with QUALIFIED tenants that have loss of income due to COVID-19, who are able to show an inability to pay rent, and have tried all previous options and resources.

To Qualify:
1. You must contact us seven (7) days prior to your rent being due.

2. You must submit a letter from your employer, on Company Letter head, verifying the dates that you were unemployed or stating if your hours have been cut.

3. You must send proof that you have applied for unemployment relief.

4. You must make a good faith payment.

5. Verification that all tenants on the lease have also complied with the above qualifications if they have lost their income.

6. You must have paid your rent on time and consistently. 

7. We are taking each request case by case.