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Gonzales is a city in Monterey County, California, United States. Gonzales is located 16 miles (26 km) southeast of Salinas, at an elevation of 135 feet (41 m). The population was 8,187 at the 2010 census, up from 7,525 at the 2000 census. Gonzales is a member of the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments.

​Gonzales was originally a depot for freight trains once the Southern Pacific Railroad laid tracks through the valley in 1872.

The community was planned by Mariano and Alfredo Gonzales. The first Gonzales post office opened in 1873. The name honors the Gonzales family, owners of Rancho Rincon de la Puente del Monte, on which Gonzales was built. At that time, Gonzales was a cattle ranching and grain growers community.

Gonzales soon turned into a predominantly Swiss dairy community when John B. Meyenberg brought his original milk processing procedures to the United States. His company the Alpine Milk Company, later known as the Meyenberg Milk Company opened its first plant in Gonzales in 1906. Improvements to agriculture technology and the rich soil soon grew the Salinas Valley into the nation's premier agricultural center and all but one dairy farm disappeared.

Prior to being nicknamed the "Wine Capital of Monterey County," Gonzales was known as "The Heart of the Salad Bowl" (due to its central location in the agricultural valley). Before that it was nicknamed "Little Switzerland" (due to the similarities of the valley landscape to Switzerland as well as the predominantly Swiss community at the time).

Dairy farming gave way to vegetable raising in the 1920s and prospered due to the rich soil and advancements in irrigation, machinery and transportation facilities.

The first school house was built in 1874. The first church was the Gonzales Baptist Church, which was built in 1884 and still holds weekly worship services today.

The town was officially incorporated January 10, 1947.



King City

Soledad is a city in Monterey County, California, United States. Soledad is located 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Salinas, at an elevation of 190 feet (58 m). The population was 25,738 at the 2010 census.

Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, the state's 13th FranciscanSpanish mission, is located just south of the town

The town is located near the Spanish mission, Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (the mission of Our Lady of Solitude), founded October 9, 1791 by Fermín Francisco de Lasuén, the 13th of 21 missions in California. The town's name comes from the mission.

Soledad is seated at the heart of one of the most economically productive and technologically advanced agricultural regions in the world; hence, the Salinas Valley name, "Salad Bowl of the World". Agricultural companies working out of this region include: Dole Fresh Vegetables, Tanimura & Antle Fresh Foods, Taylor Farms, D'Arrigo Bros. Inc and Mann Packing Inc.

Soledad is located in one of the primary wine grape growing regions of California with over twenty vineyards and wineries within a thirty-mile radius, several of which have tasting rooms and offer a wide selection of wines for sale. Some of the vineyards and wineries located nearby are Chalone, Scheid, Paraiso Vineyards, Pisoni Vineyards, Hahn Estate, San Saba, J.Lohr, Kendall-Jackson, Ventana, Hess Select, Estancia, The Michaud Vineyard, and Graff Family Vineyards.


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