Monterey County Opens Portal for Public Interest in Vaccination Information

January 14, 2021

​The Monterey County Health Department has launched an online portal for residents to indicate their interest in getting a COVID-19 vaccine and to be notified when additional tiers are opening for vaccinations. This is not an appointment portal, but a way for the county to give residents a better estimate as to when they might be able to receive vaccine.  You can access this portal at: www.montereycountycovid19.com

Right now, Monterey County is vaccinating Phase 1a tiers 1,2,3, health care workers and first responders. Vaccine remains in limited supply and Monterey County’s current inventory has been dedicated to the health care worker immunization clinics occurring this week.

As more vaccine becomes available, the county can open vaccination opportunities for those in other phases and tiers of the COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule.

While those who are not yet eligible to get vaccinated wait for their turn, please continue to practice COVID-19 prevention measures such as staying home as much as possible, wearing a face covering, and practicing physical distancing.


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust our community and our nation into unknown territory.

We recognize that you have understandable concerns about the economic impact of this crisis.
As your Property Management Company, our goal is to remove uncertainty by continuing to provide rental housing consistent with your rental agreement. We are currently not aware of any relief to Property Owners being provided by Utility Companies, Banks, or Governmental Agencies. Unfortunately, there has been misinformation circulating online and in the media about what the current COVID-19 crisis means for those who RENT their homes.

Our hope is to eliminate any confusion.


​​1. No rents are being waived, forgiven, or frozen and your rent obligations, per your rental agreement, are due in full as scheduled. 

2. Owners are not able to offer disaster relief, nor has any government agency provided owners with any credit or aid to pass along to tenants. 

3. Once the emergency is lifted, all accumulated unpaid rents will become due.